• Media framework / middleware development, customization &     optimization
  • Media CODEC integration & optimization
  • HW accelerations for media CODECs and algorithms
  • Application development, porting & customization
  • High end 3D graphics HMI development, integration
  • Media framework Plug-In development

  • Audio / video algorithm development & customization
  • CODEC porting / optimization on target
  • Pre and post processing of audio / video algorithm
  • HW accelerations for media CODECs and algorithms
  • Audio certification with labs(Dolby,SRS)

  • Design & development of Human Machine interface(HMI)
  • Enabling hardware accelleration in HMI
  • Customization of HMI frameworks / graphics libraries
  • HMI for 'network infortainment system' & media player
  • OpenGl ES 1.1, QT, QML, XML and SVG designs

IP & Product Solutions

  • Streaming media player stack
  • Digital signage player framework
  • Digital signage content manager
  • Media SBC reference kit

Areas of Expertise

  • Strong expertise in TI, FreeScale, PNX, trimedia architectures and internal framework and engines (xDM / xDIAS for TI)
  • Strong expertise in GStreamer, OpenMAX, FFMPEG and native frameworks
  • Expertise across various audio / video CODEC algorithms
  • Certification expertise with labs (Dolby, SRS)

  Target Applications

  Case Studies
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