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FossilShale has rich experience in application development services for embedded, mobility products in industries such as Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Mobility and Home / Industrial Automation.

FossilShale’s application development services create value to customer through comprehensive support that includes not only design & development but also App Store Optimization, Compliance testing and App launching services. With our cost-effective, flexible engagement models you will be able to improve business performance and stay competitive.

We engage with customer throughout the project life-cycle and incorporate feedback to meet their business needs.

Android Mobile Application Development

Android is the first choice for many companies to reach out to their target customers. Fossilshale’s Mobile Apps developers and UI/UX consultants understand potential possibilities that Android OS offers to create innovative mobility solutions. Our services includes but not limited to the following items

  • Native Android application using Java
  • Android web app for .Net, php or #C based servers
  • Application Store Optimization (ASO) support
  • Support for Compliance Test Suit (CTS) based testing
  • UI / UX for wide range of screen sizes such as Smartphone, Tablet and the likes

iOS Mobile Application Development

Unparalleled and innovative User Experience has made Apple devices prevalent in the industry. With a mature and secure operating system and imaginative User Experience iPhone and iPad devices have emerged as one of the leading devices in the mobile market. Fossilshale unleashes immense potential that Apple devices can offer. That includes

  • Native iOS application using Objective C
  • iOS web application based on Web 2.0 technologies
  • Application Store Optimization (ASO) support
  • Support for Compliance Certification Testing process

Windows Mobile Application Development

Despite a tough competition from iPhone and Android, a Windows phone offers great opportunities. At Fossilshale, we have a team of people with expertise in Windows Mobile applications who can fulfill your development requirements.

  • Application Development for WinCE 6.0, WinCE 7.0, & Windows 8 Operating System
  • Support for Compliance Certification Testing process such as Windows App Certification Kit.
  • Windows phone Application Store Optimization (ASO) support
  • Launching application in Windows Store.

PhoneGap Mobile Application Development

With diversity of Mobile platforms, cost & maintenance become a challenge while developing native applications for multiple platforms. PhoneGap offers a Cross Platform App development capability using known technologies such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript. Fossilshale supported its customers in developing web services application, Order point application and SIP audio client application as per their business needs.

Case Studies

  • Infotainment Systems
  • Car TPM, Control
  • Smart Lighting control
  • Home Automation
  • IP Camera monitoring and control
  • mCommerce for Auto-part retailers
  • Health care devices
  • Mobile RTOS Point of Sale
  • Digital Menu and ordering systems for restaurants
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